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Wean-Finish Service Technician

Position Description:

Dykhuis Farms Inc. (DFI) is actively pursuing candidates for a Finisher Service Technician. Persons applying for this position should be able to demonstrate:

- strategic thinking,

- in-depth finishing swine knowledge,

- the ability to identify production challenges and resolutions,

- communication during marketing and identification of ideal weight ranges for market pigs,

- maintain contract grower relations,

- be able to work in a team atmosphere, and

- the ability to work effectively with smart phones and apps, as well as

- basic understanding of how to keep electronic devices working.

This candidate should be an effective communicator and be able to identify key areas of efficiency improvements within production. This position will report to the Finishing Production Manager at DFI, located in Hamilton, Michigan.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

- Direct oversight of approximately 50,000 - 60,000 contract wean-finish and feeder-finish pig spaces as well as contract grower accountability and relations.

- Implement and communicate DFI SOP’s with contract growers.

- Identify, manage, and provide feedback for production issues relating to pig health and care, ventilation, contract grower development and discipline, and system efficiencies for assigned barns.

- Effectively communicate with the entire DFI finishing team the current status of existing finishing pigs in regards to pig flow, health, feed management, and marketing.

- Manage PQA+ compliance and documents as well as other mandatory program reporting.

- Responsible for correct data collection and feedback, contract grower relations, and weekly reporting of current production to the Finishing Production Manager.

- Assist with the identification and marking of market loads and communicate effectively with the Marketing Manager for future load needs and counts.

- Must be able to identify potential areas of system improvement and profitability for the DFI Indiana finishing production.

- Lead by example with growers and demonstrate the DFI team system approach.


- Candidates should have growing swine production experience, preferably greater than four years.

- Competence and the ability to learn existing and upcoming technical software support technologies.

- Formal college education in Animal Science or related fields preferred.

- Ethical and moral values consistent with DFI.

- Must be able to work in swine housing environments, including some physical labor.

- Candidate must be able to prioritize and manage time, demonstrate task oriented and production parameter results.


This position will work with contract growers located between I65 & I69, north of Highway 18 in Indiana.

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