Animal Caretaker

Updated: Mar 4

Focus: Overall animal health, feeding, reproduction, and environment care for pigs in a sow farm.

Key Areas of Responsibility: Understand key production areas are priority, including animal health, treatment, feeding, temperature, environment, and reproductive efficiencies.

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Daily monitoring and evaluating animal health;

- Maintain records for animals;

- Ensure proper feeding and watering of animals;

- Monitor barns' environment and conditions for animal health;

- Perform routine maintenance

- Power wash;

- Animal movement - both sows and piglets

- Animal treatment and processing - including vaccinations, castration, tail clipping.

Available Work Schedules:

Full-Time: Monday - Friday starting at 6am working till approximately 3:30pm with a weekend rotation of Saturday and Sunday.

Part-Time Weekend: Saturday and Sunday starting at 6am working till approximately 12:00pm.

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