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Responsibilities in the Sow Farms

Team Leader (Farrowing and Gestation) – Apply Here

  • Oversees Their Team In Daily Tasks While Working Alongside Them
  • Coordinates Daily Care
  • Maintains Daily Records
  • Reports To Sow Farm Manager

Farrowing Monitor – Apply Here

  • Focus On Sows That Are Actively Birthing
    • Goals For The Day
    • Piglets Dry, Warm, Full Belly, In The Right Family
  • Sows Cared For As Needed In Birthing Process
  • Reports To Farrowing Team Leader
  • Positions Include Day And Evening Shifts
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Farrowing Animal Caretaker – Apply Here

  • Cares For Sows With Babies And Their Babies
  • Tasks Include
    • Feeding
    • Treating
    • General Maintenance
    • Processing (Shots, Tail Docking, Castration)
    • Weaning
    • Vaccinating
    • Cleaning/Power Washing
  • Reports To Farrowing Team Leader
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Gestation Animal Caretaker – Apply Here

  • Cares for the rest of the animals in the barn
  • Tasks include
    • Feeding
    • Treating
    • General maintenance
    • Heat checking
    • Breeding
    • Vaccinating
    • Cleaning/power washing
  • Reports to Gestation Team Leader
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Part Time Animal Caretaker – Apply Here

  • Tasks are the same as the Farrowing/Gestation Animal Caretakers




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