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Responsibilities in the Sow Farms

Auto Mechanic – Apply Here

Focus: Repairs and maintenance on vehicles, trucks, trailers, and farm equipment to maximize safe and productive operations. With a primary focus on our vehicle fleet.

  • 1 year of auto mechanic experience preferred
  • High school or equivalent preferred
  • Valid insurable drivers license required

Maintenance Electrician – Apply Here

Focus: Performs repairs and maintenance in various company facilities (including hog farms, residential units, offices, shops, etc) to maximize safe and productive operations, with a specific emphasis on electrical repair.

  • Tasks:
    • Performs repairs and maintenance primarily in pig facilities. Systems include, but are not limited to: ventilation and controls, heaters, emergency backup systems, lighting, and automated animal feeding systems, water and whey systems, gates, doors, chutes, flooring, power washers, boar bots, etc.
    • Responds to systems failures (including weekends and holidays).
    • Diagnoses problems.
    • Reads and interprets work/repair orders
    • Computer skills needed to input work orders and other required information into maintenance system.
  • 2-5 years experience preferred

Regional Truck Drivers – Apply Here

  • Local (Michigan)
    • Load market hogs at our farms in Michigan and Indiana, transport them to market (mainly Logansport, IN), then unload them at the processing plant.
    • Drivers will also transport wean pigs, feeder pigs, and replacement gilts.
    • Usually within 150 miles of Holland, MI
  • Indiana
    • Load market hogs at our farms in Indiana and Michigan, transport them to market (Logansport, IN), then unload them at the processing plant.
    • Usually within 100 miles of Logansport, IN

We are DIFFERENT than most trucking jobs!

Your freight is live animals that you get to interact with.

We control all pickup and delivery times.

You will know your schedule for the next week, every Friday.

You work all year , Monday thru Friday, and an occasional Saturday.

We have company-owned equipment, maintained by our own shop.

Paid by the hour and eligible for bonuses.

Accounting Clerk – Apply Here

Focus: Assist Accounting in various accounting and data entry tasks.

  • Expected Job Assignments:
    • Bank deposits
    • Payroll
    • Accounts Payabler
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Account Reconciliations
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Additional Administrative work, as needed
  • Qualifications:
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Business or equivalent experience
  • Preferred Skills:
    • Microsoft Office
    • Payroll experience
    • Accounting Database experience

Farrowing Monitor – Apply Here

  • Focus On Sows That Are Actively Birthing
    • Goals For The Day
    • Piglets Dry, Warm, Full Belly, In The Right Family
  • Sows Cared For As Needed In Birthing Process
  • Reports To Farrowing Team Leader
  • Positions Include Day And Evening Shifts
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Farrowing Animal Caretaker – Apply Here

  • Cares For Sows With Babies And Their Babies
  • Tasks Include
    • Feeding
    • Treating
    • General Maintenance
    • Processing (Shots, Tail Docking, Castration)
    • Weaning
    • Vaccinating
    • Cleaning/Power Washing
  • Reports To Farrowing Team Leader
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Gestation Animal Caretaker – Apply Here

  • Cares for the rest of the animals in the barn
  • Tasks include
    • Feeding
    • Treating
    • General maintenance
    • Heat checking
    • Breeding
    • Vaccinating
    • Cleaning/power washing
  • Reports to Gestation Team Leader
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Part Time Animal Caretaker – Apply Here

  • Tasks are the same as the Farrowing/Gestation Animal Caretakers




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