Dykhuis Farms is a progressive, family-owned producer of high quality pork.

We have a wide range of career opportunities available.

If you are a hard worker who enjoys the outdoors and contributing to responsible management of our Earth’s resources, please apply here.

Career Opportunities With The Stages of Raising and Producing Pigs

Grandparent Sow Farm – Fillmore & Manlius Township

  • Staff
    • Manager
    • 3 Team Leaders
    • 3 Full Time Caretakers
    • 2 Part Time Caretakers
  • 1,900 Sows (Mothers, 330-600 Lbs)
  • 900 Piglets Weaned Per Week
  • Female Piglets (Gilts) Are Moved To Gilt Development At 3 Weeks Old
  • Male Piglets (Barrows) Are Moved To Finishing Farms
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Gilt Development Farm – Wakeshma Township

  • Staff
    • Manager
    • 2 Full Time Caretakers
    • 1 Part Time Caretakers
  • 9,000 Gilts (Female Piglets Being Grown To Become Sows) From 15 Lbs – 330 Lbs
  • 250 Mature Gilts Are Moved To Sow Farms Each Week To Replace Retired Sows
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

5 Commercial Production Sow Farms – Fillmore, Overisel, and Zeeland Townships

  • Staff (Per Farm)
    • Manager
    • Gestation Team Leader
    • Farrowing Team Leader
    • 6-8 Full Time Caretakers
    • 2-3 Part Time Caretakers
  • 2,600-2,800 Sows (Mothers, 330-600 Lbs)
  • 150 Sows Bred Weekly
  • 135 Litters Born Weekly
  • 1,400 Piglets Weaned Weekly
  • All Piglets Are Moved To Finishing Farms At 3 Weeks Old
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Finishing Farms – Southwest Michigan and North Central Indiana

  • Piglets Arrive Weighing 15 Lbs, And Will Grow To 295 Lbs When They Are Sold
  • It Takes 26 Weeks For A Piglet To Reach Market Weight
  • Average Total Pigs In All Finishing Farms Combined Is 190,000 Pigs
  • Pigs Are Cared For By Our Finishing Staff, And The Family Farmers Who Have Built Facilities To House And Care For Our Animals.
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Dykhuis Farms, Inc., a progressive family owned producer of high quality pork, is a Live Haul Driver/Regional Truck Drivers. Drivers will load market hogs at our farms in Michigan and Indiana, transport them to market (mainly Logansport, IN), then unload them at the processing plant. Drivers will also transport wean pigs, feeder pigs, and replacement gilts.

We are DIFFERENT the most trucking jobs…

  • Your freight is live animals that you get to interact with.
  • We control all pickup and delivery times.
  • You will know your schedule for the next week, every Friday.
  • You work all year, Monday thru Friday, and an occasional Saturday.
  • We have company-owned equipment, maintained by our own shop.
  • We run Farm Plates and usually are exempt from DOT hours of service and logging requirements.
  • You would normally spend the entire week within 150 miles of Holland.
  • Paid by the hour.

We are searching for the right, qualified, CDL Licensed candidates to join our truck fleet team transporting hogs for a family farm.

Check out our website: www.dykhuisfarms.com

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At Dykhuis Farms, our MISSION is to glorify God through careful and deliberate management of the resources which have been entrusted to us; to produce high quality agricultural products in a way that betters the communities we are part of.