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We have a wide range of career opportunities available.

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If you would like to be part of our team, please download an application or stop by our main office in Overisel. More information on careers is available on the employment subsection.

Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

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Career Opportunities With The Stages of Raising and Producing Pigs

Grandparent Sow Farm – Fillmore & Manlius Township

  • Staff
    • Manager
    • 3 Team Leaders
    • 3 Full Time Caretakers
    • 2 Part Time Caretakers
  • 1,900 Sows (Mothers, 330-600 Lbs)
  • 900 Piglets Weaned Per Week
  • Female Piglets (Gilts) Are Moved To Gilt Development At 3 Weeks Old
  • Male Piglets (Barrows) Are Moved To Finishing Farms
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Gilt Development Farm – Wakeshma Township

  • Staff
    • Manager
    • 2 Full Time Caretakers
    • 1 Part Time Caretakers
  • 9,000 Gilts (Female Piglets Being Grown To Become Sows) From 15 Lbs – 330 Lbs
  • 250 Mature Gilts Are Moved To Sow Farms Each Week To Replace Retired Sows
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

5 Commercial Production Sow Farms – Fillmore, Overisel, and Zeeland Townships

  • Staff (Per Farm)
    • Manager
    • Gestation Team Leader
    • Farrowing Team Leader
    • 6-8 Full Time Caretakers
    • 2-3 Part Time Caretakers
  • 2,600-2,800 Sows (Mothers, 330-600 Lbs)
  • 150 Sows Bred Weekly
  • 135 Litters Born Weekly
  • 1,400 Piglets Weaned Weekly
  • All Piglets Are Moved To Finishing Farms At 3 Weeks Old
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Finishing Farms – Southwest Michigan and North Central Indiana

  • Piglets Arrive Weighing 15 Lbs, And Will Grow To 295 Lbs When They Are Sold
  • It Takes 26 Weeks For A Piglet To Reach Market Weight
  • Average Total Pigs In All Finishing Farms Combined Is 190,000 Pigs
  • Pigs Are Cared For By Our Finishing Staff, And The Family Farmers Who Have Built Facilities To House And Care For Our Animals.
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Responsibilities in the Sow Farms

Sow Farm Manager

  • Oversees Daily Tasks
  • Plans For Barn Flow
  • Monitors Herd Health
  • Works With HR In Staffing
  • Reports To Production Supervisor

Team Leader (Farrowing and Gestation)

  • Oversees Their Team In Daily Tasks While Working Alongside Them
  • Coordinates Daily Care
  • Maintains Daily Records
  • Reports To Sow Farm Manager
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Farrowing Monitor

  • Focus On Sows That Are Actively Birthing
    • Goals For The Day
    • Piglets Dry, Warm, Full Belly, In The Right Family
  • Sows Cared For As Needed In Birthing Process
  • Reports To Farrowing Team Leader
  • Positions Include Day And Evening Shifts
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Farrowing Animal Caretaker

  • Cares For Sows With Babies And Their Babies
  • Tasks Include
    • Feeding
    • Treating
    • General Maintenance
    • Processing (Shots, Tail Docking, Castration)
    • Weaning
    • Vaccinating
    • Cleaning/Power Washing
  • Reports To Farrowing Team Leader
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Gestation Animal Caretaker

  • Cares for the rest of the animals in the barn
  • Tasks include
    • Feeding
    • Treating
    • General maintenance
    • Heat checking
    • Breeding
    • Vaccinating
    • Cleaning/power washing
  • Reports to Gestation Team Leader
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Part Time Animal Caretaker

  • Tasks are the same as the Farrowing/Gestation Animal Caretakers

Power Washer

  • Assists With Weaning
    • Moving Sows And Piglets Out Of The Room
  • Breaks Down Room
  • Power Washes And Disinfects Room
  • Power Washes Totes
  • Assists With Animal Care On Days With Decreased Power Washing Needs
  • Reports To Sow Farm Manager
Dykhuis Farms, Inc.