Who We Are:

Dykhuis Farms Inc. is a diverse group of people which include: the Dykhuis Family, employees, and contract growers working together to accomplish our vision and mission.

Our Vision Statement:

To be a progressive family owned producer of HIGH QUALITY pork.

Our Mission Statement:

To glorify God through careful and deliberate management of the resources which have been entrusted to us; to produce high quality agricultural products in a way that betters the communities we are a part of.

Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Our Core Values:

  • We will create opportunities for our people to LEARN, GROW, and TAKE ON RESPONSIBILITY.
  • We will care for the ENVIORNMENT, the WELFARE OF OUR ANIMALS, and OUR PEOPLE.
  • We will use SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY to manage production.
  • We BELIEVE how we do our work and the quality of the work is just as important as getting it done.
  • We will equip our people with an understanding of our VALUES, so we can apply them in all that we do.
  • We will do business with other organizations and people who SUPPORT our values and objectives.
  • We will maintain a SAFE FINANCIAL POSITION.

Our History

Bob Dykhuis started raising pigs in 1978 in partnership with Bob’s parents Jim and Lois Dykhuis in Fillmore Township on the family farmstead with 80 sows.

In 1985 Bob and Lorrie (Bob’s wife) sold their shares in the partnership to Jim and Lois and built their own farm with 300 sows.

In 1990 Bob and Lorrie purchased the family farmstead and pigs from Jim and Lois. In 1994 Bob and Lorrie created Dykhuis Farms, Inc. as their pork production entity. Dykhuis Farms, Inc. has continued to grow through leasing and purchasing farms in the townships of Fillmore, Overisel, Holland, Zeeland, Heath and Wakeshma (near Kalamazoo).

Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Dykhuis Farms, Inc.

Where We are Now

Bob and Lorrie have brought into ownership their 5 children and their spouses: Matt and Erin Ehinger, Joseph and Heather Dykhuis, Rachel Dykhuis, Michael and Dr. Cara Haden, Jenna and Mitch Witteveen. Bob is the President and CEO of Dykhuis Farms, Inc. Erin Ehinger (BS Animal Science, Iowa State) is the Production Supervisor, who oversees of our teams caring for our pigs through each stage of life. Joseph Dykhuis (BS Agricultural Economics, Purdue) oversees accounting, human resources, logistics, and sales.

Lorrie, Rachel, Jenna and Heather Dykhuis work part time in administrative support roles. Dr. Cara Haden practices veterinarian medicine at a vet clinic in Iowa, Cara is one of the Vets Dykhuis Farms, Inc. has hired to guide herd health and animal care practices.

Dykhuis Farms, Inc. currently employs over 100 people full time and over 40 people part time.

Dykhuis Farms, Inc. now has 16,000 sows and markets approximately 375,000 pigs per year into the pork market.

Dykhuis Farms, Inc. raises corn and soybeans on 2,500 acres of farmland.

Dykhuis Farms, Inc. also works with more than 20 other family farms in Michigan and Indiana who house and care for our animals from weaning to when they go to market.